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September 15, 2017

5 Fall Family Favorites

As the leaves begin to fall and display a vibrant trail of colors, the gentle autumn breeze slowly kicks right in. The transition between summer to winter proves that fall is nothing short of perfection. We can all appreciate the beginning of a good thing when it opens up room for more family fun activities.

1. Football

Whether you're getting loud or sitting on the sidelines of a football game, get into team spirit together! Fall season welcomes the excitement in Friday night lights, college football on Saturdays, and NFL Sundays to root for your favorite team. For added fun, consider forming your own fantasy football team with some of your favorite players and compete against each other this season.

2. State & County Fairs

The aroma of fried foods warmly fills the air at the state and county fairs. The annual fairs usually take place early fall and will feature amusement park rides, musical performances, games, and plenty of fun for the entire family to enjoy.

3. Pumpkin Patch

'Tis the season for pumpkin picking! You may not find a picture-perfect pumpkin right out of the gate, but having fun in the process is all that matters. Going on a hunt for a great pumpkin can easily become a family tradition; the fun is in choosing your favorite for carving, cooking, or even decorating.

4. Holiday Festivities

Autumn is one of the most packed holiday seasons. Starting with Halloween, you can be sure to bring out the "ghouly" decorations and jack-o-lantern-worthy pumpkins for thrilling décor and get creative with your costumes. During Thanksgiving, bring out the traditions with turkey and pumpkin pie while gathering together in appreciation. The season creates a sense of comfort and warmth that easily makes family gatherings an easy one.

5. Apple Picking

Savor the autumn breeze while you play fun games and enjoy fresh handpicked seasonal snacks. Take the family out to a local orchard and pick out the best apples. The best part of picking them is deciding how to use them afterwards. With a bucket full of fresh apples, the options are limitless!

Fall offers a wide variety of opportunities to gather together and enjoy the splendor of the season with your family. Whatever activities you decide to do this season, your friends at A-MAX Auto Insurance hope you spend it well!


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