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May 12, 2017

6 Reasons Why It Should Be Mother's Day Every Day

She is caring, thoughtful, and loving; we're talking about mothers all around the world. There are a million and one reasons why we love our mothers, yet only one day dedicated to acknowledging that. As if bearing the painful 9 months of pregnancy isn't enough of a reason, here are several others that may make you realize that surely one day is truly not enough to express our gratitude.

1. Mothers always know what to say and what to do.

She is like a light that shines forth with words of wisdom. Whether it's making your favorite dessert on the days you are feeling down or being available with open arms, they just make you feel like everything is going to be alright. Even when life gets us down, we know there is one person who will always make time for us.

2. Your mother's home cooking is the best home cooking.

No recipe can mimic her cooking, and even when you've watched them cook the same thing over and over again, there's still nothing better than enjoying the meals your mother has prepared with pure love. She may not be the world's greatest chef, but she still holds that title in your book. After all, no one makes homemade pancakes quite like mom does!

3. Mothers are naturally gifted life coaches.

On the rough days, all we need is someone who will sit and listen and your mother is always there to lend her ears. Even when she responds back with words you didn't want to hear, it was exactly what you needed. Whether it's good or bad, she is always honest. She only wants the best for you and sometimes the reality check has to come from someone who has known you longer than anyone else. She has passed down her life skills and lessons like learning how to cook, becoming more independent, or even how to be a better person.

4. A mother will always defend you.

The analogy of the momma bear protecting her cub is the exact depiction of your relationship. They have this magical sixth sense to know when you are in need of their assistance, otherwise known as mother's intuition or mother's instinct. Regardless of whether you're 5 years old or 50 years old, she will still have the innate instinct to want to protect you through all the dangers of life.

5. Mothers go above and beyond.

A mother's energy seems limitless. There is not a list of things a mother should do because it's never ending; besides, if there were a list, she would surpass it anyway. She does stuff for you when you don't ask, and pushes you to do your best. Much of their life is spent giving while expecting little to none in return. Her love is so instantaneous and forgiving at the same time.

6. Your mother is your #1 Fan.

Even when you were called out to be the benchwarmer in your basketball team or chosen last in any sport, your mom always thought you were #1. You were #1 in the court and #1 in her heart. Even if she doesn't love sports, she loves you and that's all that matters. She cheered you on through every tryout, every interview, and every new exciting journey in your life. You could always rely on her to be there to greet you with open arms and a warm smile. She is one of your best friends, biggest supporter, and probably one of the most influential women in your life.

Through all the ups and downs, our mothers were always there when we needed them the most. We appreciate you more than any Hallmark card can even begin to express. One day is truly not enough to express our gratitude for all that you have done. From your friends at A-MAX Auto Insurance, we want to say thank you to all mothers out there who love unconditionally and raised us up to be who we are today. Happy Mother's Day!


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