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April 05, 2015

A-MAX Auto Insurance Announces MAXRespect Initiative®

The multipronged effort focuses on building better communities.

DALLAS, TX (April 6, 2015) – A-MAX Auto Insurance, an industry leading, low-cost insurance provider for thousands of Texas residents and businesses, announces today their MAXRespect Initiative, a long-term pledge to reinforce A-MAX's respect towards their customers and their surrounding communities.

The MAXRespect Initiative is comprised of five main pillars:

  • Respect for Drivers - A-MAX believes everyone on the road needs to treat one another with respect and intends to educate the community on recognizing and controlling aggressive thoughts, feelings and actions on the road.
  • Respect for Workers - A-MAX recognizes the enormous contributions of the men and women that are building the infrastructure of America, but are often unrecognized for their efforts.
  • Respect for Families - A-MAX values healthy and happy family environments that are free of abuse, and intends to empower community members to stop abuse and support victims in accessing information and services to help them.
  • Respect for Students - A-MAX aims to stop bullying in our schools by training students and staff to prevent and address bullying problems in schools.
  • Respect for Environment - A-MAX recognizes the value in our outdoor space, and wants to promote clean air and parks, and the responsibility of every community member to care for the environment.

Over the course of the next few years, A-MAX will work with key business partners, non-profit organizations and community influencers across the state of Texas to raise awareness for each of the five pillars.

"The MAXRespect Initiative was developed to better serve the hard-working families, students and drivers in our communities." said Irshad Meherally, Director at A-MAX Auto Insurance. "As we unveil our formal partnerships and plans for the MAXRespect Initiative, it's our hope that we can show appreciation to our customers and be a force for good in society."

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