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March 31, 2017

Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle

As winter winds down, we begin to get back into the season of rejuvenation. Aside from the change in weather, winter can actually take quite a toll on your vehicle, both in terms of its physical appearance and driving capabilities. Now is perfect timing to properly inspect and clean off all the winter grime to avoid mishaps on the road.

Check the tire pressure.

You may have noticed that once the first major cold wave of winter hit, the tire pressure symbol in your vehicle turned on. Winter will cause the air inside of your tire to contract, therefore lowering your tire pressure. The transition in weather can have this effect on your tires. When the temperature begins to rise, make sure you are neither over nor under-inflated and maintain the recommended pressure specific to your vehicle. Ensure a smoother ride with durability and the greatest amount of safety simply by regularly checking your tire pressure.

Get rid of the junk in your trunk.

It can be very easy to fall victim of having too many unnecessary items stored away in your vehicle. Sometimes you may even have to think twice before offering someone a ride. Over time, things can get pushed to the back seat and by the time you know it, you have enough old receipts, wrappers, pieces of clothing, etc. to fill a village. As drastic as that may sound, think of all the extra weight you may be carrying with the clutter. These extra items can put unnecessary stress on your engine, leading to premature wear. Keep in mind that in case of an emergency, there are definitely a few things you may need, for example, roadside emergency kit, first aid kit, spare tire, flashlight and a blanket.

Give your vehicle a good wash and wax.

After a harsh winter, the rock salt and other chemical solutions on the road can stick to your vehicle. If not properly washed, rust can form on valuable components of a car's mechanical system, such as the brake lines, fuel tanks, exhaust systems and even the frame of your vehicle. One of the main reasons it's important to wash your car after the winter is to prevent rust from forming. Just note that a clean car is less prone to developing rust.

Clean the interior surfaces.

Aside from getting rid of unnecessary items, it's important to maintain a clean interior.

    • Wipe down the dashboard and center console using a microfiber cloth.
    • Use an old toothbrush to detail all interior doors and hard to reach console areas.
    • Spray glass cleaner directly onto a microfiber cloth and thoroughly wipe down your interior windows.
    • Vacuum off all of the loose dirt and grime from the seat upholstery and floor mats that accumulated over the past couple of months.

Spring into action, and treat your vehicle to a well-deserved maintenance check. Don't forget to stay alert on the roads and insure your vehicle with a company you can trust. Get a quote with A-MAX Auto Insurance and see how much we can help you save and keep your vehicle looking like new in case of an accident.


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