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The Journey

By Amber Anwarali

We would all love getting a handbook to the path of success, walking us through every step, every obstacle to becoming successful. But, life is not that easy. The answers aren’t always going to be given to us.

As we go through life, we begin to realize there’s no one way to become successful. While listening to all the women in leadership speak on their stories, it was incredibly insightful to hear how different all of their journeys were. They all came from different backgrounds and took different paths to get to where they are now. Yet, there is a common theme that I noticed while listening to their conversations- regardless of the path you took to get here, you have to have the determination to succeed in your respective field. If you don’t have the determination to overcome the hurdles in life, it will become harder to succeed.

Nowadays, there is a stigma of what success looks like. Who is in that position, what they are "supposed to do," what background they come from, etc. A-MAX Auto Insurance defies those stigmas everyday. 84% of employees are female, and, as of now, most of the leadership team is made up of women. Women from different backgrounds who excel in their respective fields and are incredibly successful.

Not only am I personally proud to see the immense representation we have in this company, I am grateful that there is opportunity for anyone to be successful as long as they are determined. These women are living proof of change, diversity, and determination. 

Please join us as we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month throughout the month of March. 

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