A-MAX has been offering quality services and insurance since 2002 and we're here to be witness to the signing of all of your important documents, too. Having a notary public witness and sign your documents helps to deter fraud and ensure trust and honesty between the parties to the contract. Call 800-921-AMAX to get more information today.


When To Use a Notary Public

Times where you would need for a Notary Public to notarize a document include the following but are not limited to:

➤    Selling a vehicle

➤    Selling a house or other property that is registered with the state

➤    Transferring financial power of attorney

➤    Trusts

➤    Living wills

➤    Wills

➤    Medical documents

What You Need to Bring

When having a document notarized please be aware that you must bring a valid Government-issued Identification Card. All cards must be government-issued & must ALWAYS contain a photo of the holder. Please note that the form of identification must NOT be expired or have a photo that has been compromised. These can vary from:

➤    State Drivers License

➤    Passports

➤    Green cards



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