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Air Fryers and Using Caution in the Kitchen

By Ben Ajayi

Like many of you, I absolutely LOVE my air fryer. It has cut down on cooking time and has helped those who are “culinarily challenged.” You know, the folks who try to pass a store bought rotisserie chicken as something homemade. Now I’m not judging. Actually, I am! C’mon, you could have at least put the chicken on a fancy plate instead of leaving it in the store bought container. I digress.

The air fryer has taken over all of our kitchens, but did you know that our heaven-sent appliance has been the cause of fires within the home? With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to provide tips to keep your home protected and bring in the new year safely and soundly.

Now before you go and follow the newest trend on TikTok, please double-check and make sure that the item you’re about to put in your air fryer actually belongs in your air fryer. I assure you someone has made the mistake of putting that holiday ham in the air fryer and documented the epic fail. So let's learn from others' mistakes without having to make our own. 


Grease builds up over time and could catch fire. That time you want to save by not cleaning after cooking will be less of a hassle rather than cleaning a kitchen after it catches on fire. Take that extra time to clean your air fryer after you’re done using it.

After every meal you cook and cleaning thoroughly, UNPLUG YOUR AIR FRYER! There have been documented examples of air fryers turning back on by themselves after being left plugged in. Be on the safe side and unplug those fryers.

What to Do Next

Even after all of this, I’m sure we will still have some hard-headed people in the back thinking, “this will never happen to me.” To those people, I would like to ask, did you know A-MAX offers renters and home insurance? You want to make sure you’re covered for any accidents that may happen. A-MAX makes it easy to request and receive a quote so you can keep what's important to you covered. Be safe and happy holidays! 

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