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The Power of Mentorship

By Amber Anwarali

After months of contemplation about changing my life around, on January 13, 2023, I decided to make the jump to leave everything I’ve known and relocate from Chicago to Dallas. I had little idea what I was going to do. Knowing I was leaving a worldly city to move to a smaller one was a decision I knew on paper didn't fully gel, but, it made sense in knowing that this company would provide me the direction and the foundational skills I needed to grow and learn from the world of digital marketing.

To me, Chicago is a representation of my family, home, and everything I have learned about the world so far. In life, it is essential sometimes to take leaps of faith in order to get to where you need to be. I knew if I took that risk, no matter the outcome, it would be one I would always look back on and be appreciative of.

My boss and the VP of Marketing at A-MAX, Tasha Willingham, a woman I see as a coach, relayed this life-changing quote to me:

“You have to want it. No great reward comes without risk.”

So, what did I do? I put my trust in my coach and moved to Dallas. I knew that, to me, Tasha is an image of who I want to become one day. Her leadership skills that took time, energy, and hard work were all the ones I wanted to work towards. But, Tasha isn’t just a leader or a coach to me, she is also a Marketing connoisseur. There is so much to learn from her and I became excited to see what could come to fruition if I just took that risk. 

Having not only Tasha, but all the other amazing women in leadership here at A-MAX share their stories of overcoming fears and self-doubt, has given me the confidence that I can take those leaps of faith and be successful one day. 

Please join us as we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month throughout the month of March. 

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