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Non-Owner Insurance, Get Covered Today!

Non-Owner Car Insurance offers liability coverage for individuals who don't own a car but occasionally rent, borrow, or use car-sharing services. Get a free quote to explore your options for Non-Owner Car Insurance.

Non-Owner Car Insurance

When you do not own a car but still need car insurance, you can purchase a non-owner car insurance policy. This policy covers a specific person, or named insured, to drive and provides the liability insurance required by your state.

Who Needs Non-Owner Car Insurance?

A driver may be required to have a non-owner insurance policy for a couple of reasons.

• You do not own a car but want to maintain continuous car insurance coverage until you get another one.

• Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to file an SR-22 financial responsibility form even though you do not own a car.

• You sometimes borrow a friend's car.

• You rent cars often but do not have a car of your own.

• You use a car-sharing service such as Turo or Zipcar.

What Does Non-Owner Insurance Cover?

A non-owner insurance policy provides the minimum required auto insurance coverage set by the state in which the driver resides. Most states require at least bodily injury liability coverage and property damage coverage to protect the other people on the road if you cause an accident. Other states may also require other coverages such as medical payments, personal injury protection (PIP), and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.


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How Does Non-Owner Insurance Work?

A non-owner auto insurance policy will provide a driver with the minimum insurance required by your state, which can provide you with extra protection if you are licensed, do not own a car, but borrow or rent cars often. The thing to remember about this type of car insurance policy is that it is secondary to the liability coverage that the owner of the car has or secondary to the liability coverage you purchase from a rental car company or a car-sharing service. Auto insurance follows the vehicle itself, and rental car companies and car-sharing services will not accept a non-owner policy as an alternative to purchasing the insurance they require for you to rent or borrow a car. Non-owner liability insurance would be accessed if the primary liability insurance on the vehicle were to be exhausted in a large claim. The non-owner policy would then kick in to cover additional injuries or property damage that you may cause in an accident up to the policy limit on the non-owner policy.

Sometimes, you may want or need to purchase non-owner insurance even if you are not renting or borrowing a car. If you have sold your car and are not ready to buy a new one yet, a non-owner policy can provide coverage to bridge the gap in time so that you do not incur added surcharges and higher premiums for having a lapse in insurance. In addition, if you are required by your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or a court to have an active SR-22 filing, you must purchase non-owner liability coverage even if you do not own a car to comply with the requirement.

What's Not Covered by Non-Owner Insurance?

Non-owner insurance only provides the basic liability coverage required by your state, along with medical payments coverage, personal injury protection coverage, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage if your state requires them. It does not include comprehensive and collision coverage for physical damage. Physical damage coverage is part of an auto insurance policy that pays to repair or replace the vehicle you are driving. Non-owner insurance will only pay for the injuries and damages to other people and their property if you cause the accident.

How Can I Purchase Non-Owner Insurance?

Whether you own a car or not, you may need non-owner insurance. You can speak with a local insurance agent or research car insurance companies that sell this sort of insurance using an online comparative rating tool such as A-MAX Insurance.

Non-Owner Auto Insurance FAQs

Q: Why would I need non-owner car insurance?

A: If you borrow or rent vehicles or use a car-sharing service, it is a good idea to purchase non-owner insurance to give yourself an extra layer of liability protection. If you have sold your car and have not purchased a new one yet, or if you are required to show proof of financial responsibility with an SR-22 filing, you will want to buy non-owner insurance.

Q: Does non-owner insurance cover rental cars?

A: If you do not have a car insurance policy with at least one vehicle with full coverage (liability and physical damage coverages), you must purchase these coverages through the rental car company. If you have a non-owner policy as well, it will respond for the additional injuries or damages that you cause in an accident after the primary policy through the rental car company is used up.

Q: Where can I buy non-owner car insurance?

A: You can buy non-owner insurance through a local insurance agent or find an insurance company that offers this type of policy using an online comparative rater such as A-MAX Insurance.


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