Feeling sick? Speak to a doctor 24/7!  A-MAX now offers the ability to receive telemedicine membership services for only about $6 a month. A-MAX agents can help you add a telemedicine coverage plan today so you can receive the convenience of seeing a doctor remotely. Call 800-921-AMAX to get a free quote today.


Membership benefits include:

➤    Call at any time - day or night!

➤    Use any device - phone, tablet, or laptop

➤    Speak remotely with a nurse and/or physician via a high definition video call

➤    A nurse who will evaluate your symptoms on the spot

➤    A board-certified, licensed physician will consult with you and discuss a diagnosis

➤    A physician can prescribe medication for common and acute illnesses if needed

Get the experience of being in a doctor’s office by skipping the waiting room! Become a member of the CareClix community today to receive the full benefits. For more information, call A-MAX today at 800-921-AMAX.



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