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April 14, 2017

Top 10 Personalities likely to get Discounts on Auto Insurance

Everyone loves saving money and buying high-quality items at a lower value. Luckily, here at A-MAX Auto Insurance, we offer numerous discounts to help get you there. Here are the top 10 personalities most likely to cut down on car insurance costs.

1. The "More the Merrier" Driver

You have additional vehicles included under your insurance policy because well, the more the merrier! With the Multi-Car Discount, the more vehicles you add to your policy, the cheaper the premium would be per vehicle.

2. The Always Protected Customer

You're the one to make sure that you've always got protection. Showing proof that you have had insurance for a certain time period with or without lapse may entitle you for the Proof of Prior Insurance Discount. It's important to note that in order to qualify for the full discount, the name of the insured needs to be listed on the declaration pages and/or the insurance ID card.

3. The "Follow the Rules" Driver

You're empathetic to other drivers around you and have been able to maintain a clean driving record. Simply put, you're a good driver and like to abide by the rules that are clearly in place for the safety of all drivers. If you have no record of tickets or accidents for a certain duration of time, the Good Driver Discount may help lower your premium.

4. The Homeowner

You have reached a major milestone in your life and owning a home can be a huge responsibility. Luckily, some weight can be lifted off your shoulders through the Homeowner's Discount. In order to receive the full discount, the home must be under the name of the insured or joint name.

5. The Loyal Customer

When you find the service that meets your needs, you stick with it. You are loyal to the company that has cared for you when you have needed it. Customers like you can be very dear and near to our heart, that is why most companies offer a Renewal Discount. Once you renew your policy and have no record of any reported tickets or accidents, you may typically get this discount.

6. The Soulmates

When you utter the words "I do." and you take that vow of commitment, any married couple will tell you that your life suddenly changes. Many insurance carriers respect that you take on a huge responsibility in this next stage in life and honor your marital status by granting you the Marriage Discount regardless of whether you include them in your policy or not. Statistics show that married couples are more responsible, therefore less of a risk.

7. The "Just Get it Over With" Customer

You more than likely have the "Rip off the Band-Aid quick and easy" mentality. With the same idea, if you have the money in your account, paying in full sometimes feels a lot better than having to worry about it every month. This will qualify you for the Paid in Full Discount. By paying your 6-month or 12-month policy premium in full, you will get a discount on the overall premium.

8. The Punctual Customer

Leaving things to be done last minute is just not an option for you, especially when it comes to payments. Being on time has its perks, especially if you signed up to do an electronic funds transfer. You can set up an automatic electronic withdraw every month from your bank account, credit card or debit card and become eligible for the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Discount.

9. The Cautious Driver

You are aware of your surroundings and think safety first. You are also more likely to notice the reckless driving habits of others on the road. If you have taken active steps to improving your driving by completing a defensive driving course, you may be qualified for the Defensive Driving Discount. Keep in mind that defensive driving isn't just for people who have received a traffic violation.

10. The Academic

You've mastered the skill of understanding difficult subjects but did you know it can also pay out on the road? Typically, auto insurance rates tend to be higher for customers below the age of 25, however, with the Good Student Discount, you can offset that. Some insurance companies reward you based on your GPA and you can see that it surely pays out financially to excel in school.

Every Insurance carrier will have their own qualifications that you must meet in order to be eligible for any of their discounts. As an independent Insurance agent, A-MAX Auto Insurance works with over 20 different Insurance carriers to find the best discounts and coverage options fit for you. Let us do the shopping for you! Get a free auto insurance quote with us and see how much we could be saving you!


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